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My Tanks
65 Gallon
* In late 2005 this tank was taken down and all corals were transferred to a new 400 gallon tank. The entries and photos are left here for reference.

This was my first tank. It's a 65 gallon standard All Glass tank that I set up in 1996. The photo was taken in June of 2000. This is the only tank that has any significant amount of wild-collected live rock. Marshall Islands live rock (about 40lb.) was used to start this tank. Another 20lb. of Florida base rock was added a year later. Lighting constists of a pair of 96 watt compact fluorescent bulbs, and a single 250W 6500K Iwasaki MH bulb. A homemade counter current skimmer is used. Calcium maintenance is by B-ionic and calcium hydroxide make-up water.
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