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Anemones, Mushrooms, and Zoanthids
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Anemones, Mushrooms, and Zoanthids
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I.D. Description Image
(?) Cute Pink Tip Mini Anemone!! Very pretty, reproduces quickly, but does not seem to sting things like Aiptasia, or Majano anemones. Grows no larger than the size of a nickel - great for a nano tank. Pink-tipped anemone
Entamacea quadricolor Bubble tip anemone. Originally from a local hobbyist's tank. It had split in his tank, and I traded some frags for this clone. The bubble tips on this anemone faded away soon after I received it, and it also lightened considerably. My A. ocellaris clowns refused to go into it, which is not surprising considering this is not their normal host species. My tank-raised Maroon clowns, on the other hand, took to it quickly. Entamacea quadricolor - Bulb tip anemone
  The anemone has split once in my tank. The picture shows one of the babies, with one of my tank-raised gold-bar Maroon clowns. Entamacea quadricolor - Bulb tip anemone
  Red bubble-tip Anemone Red Bubble tip anemone
Actinodiscus/Discosoma Neon green wagon wheel. Very fast growth. See TRAII, top of p.334 for additional pics.

Bright red. Moderate growth rate. See TRAII, p.79 for additional pics.

Purple. Moderate growth rate.

Orange. Moderate growth rate.
Actinodiscus/Discosoma Mushroom Corals
Actinodiscus/Discosoma Brown/red with green spots. See TRAII, middle left p.334
Actinodiscus/Discosoma Green-striped mushroom. Fast growth rate. Originally from New England Aquarium. See TRAII, middle right p.334
Ricordia florida Orange Ricordia, bright orange centers with green periphery, good growth rate for Ricordia. Ricordia florida mushroom
Ricordia florida Green Ricordia mushrooms. See TRAII, top of p.325
Zoanthus sp. The following color morphs all seem to be the same species. They are all the same size and morphology, probably Zoanthus sp. or button polyps. See TRAII, middle p.302. These take a long time to adapt to intense light. The oranged centered with olive green perifery zoos. Zoanthus sp. Colony Polyps
  I also have a rust/orange morph, also from Little Shop of Pets.  
  Pink zoanthids. This photo was slightly modified by Photoshop, but ONLY to bring out the color that the camera was unable to record properly. The color of this representation is very accurate. Originally from Warren G. Zoanthus sp. Colony Polyps
  Orange center with green tentacles zoanthids Zoanthus sp. Colony Polyps
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