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Large Polyp Stony Corals
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I.D. Description Image
Galaxea sp. Green galaxy coral. Fast growing, hardy, and easy to frag (I do it with a hammer an chisel sometimes). Originally from Mark C., IL. Pic is a closeup of a colony. Forms sweeper tentacles, so give it some room to grow. Green Galaxy Coral - Galaxea
Fungia sp. Green with purple mouth Fungia: Green Fungia
Fungia sp. Solid gold fungia, collected in the Solomon Islands. Gold fungia
  These photos are of specimens that were fragmented with a Dremel tooland have healed: Gold fungia
Blastomussa merleti Blastomussa merleti - brown with green centers, small polyps Blastomussa merleti
Caulastrea sp. Trumpet or Candycane coral. This very large-polyped species/morph is very hardy and fast growing. It is also easy to frag. Originally from David Y. in NH. Candy Cane Coral
Caulastrea sp. Caulastrea sp. - Pale green Caulastrea (aka trumpet or candy cane coral) - fast growing, large polyps, hardy Pale green Caulastrea
Euphyllia ancora E. ancora, bright green anchor coral. Bright green anchor coral
Euphyllia divisa E. divisa, green frogspawn coral. Bright green polyp tips, grows quickly, easy to frag, and hardy. Originally from Sea World in NH. Green frogspawn coral
Euphyllia paraancora E. paraancora, pale greenish branching anchor coral. Originally from trade with a local hobbyist. Anchor Coral
Euphyllia glabrescens E. glabrescens, Torch coral, bright green with white tips. Originally from trade with a local hobbyist. Torch coral
Tubastrea sp. Orange Tubastrea, orange cup coral or sun coral. Orange, from in-tank asexual reproduction. The original mother colony came from Exotic Aquaria in '97. It grows quickly if you take the time to feed it. In my experience it only needs to be fed directly once per week to continue to grow. The colony pictured was grown from a single, nearly microscopic polyp over the course of about 18 months with twice weekly feedings. Orange cup or sun coral
Alveopora sp. Green with long polyps, similar to Gonipora, though much easier to keep. Colony aquired in 2001. Very slow growing. Green Alveopora
Lobophyllia sp. Bright red Lobophyllia, originally from local hobbyist Rich R.: Bright red Lobophyllia
Gonipora sp. Red Gonipora - a rare hardy Gonipora. Can be fragmented with a Dremel tool. Polyps normally extend more than in photo. Clownfish were disturbing it. Red Gonipora
Heliofungia actiniformis Heliofungia actiniformis - green with white tips: Heliofungia actiniformis
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